We are delighted to announce that the Exceed partnership has officially joined the prestigious Pact for Skills community. This strategic alignment underscores our commitment to upskilling and reskilling Europe’s workforce, aligning with the ethos of quality investment in skill development.
Our application, submitted pre-Christmas, resonates with the EXCEED project’s vision. This new membership stands as a testament to our dedication, benefiting not just the EXCEED project, but also the COVE network and each participating organization within EXCEED.
We are honored to share that our application has received endorsement from the European Commission and is now featured on the Pact for Skills website under the “find partners” section.
For our esteemed partners and followers, the Pact for Skills website is a treasure trove of resources, including:
The Guidance Hub, particularly the skills partnership handbook.
The Knowledge Hub, featuring a funding opportunities search tool and an extensive online library.
The Networking Hub, with information on forthcoming events (an excellent opportunity to stay engaged with our initiatives).
In line with the European Year of Skills starting 9 May 2023, which promotes a culture of continuous learning and skill enhancement, we are poised to contribute significantly to this pan-European effort. This initiative is vital for ensuring the European workforce achieves its full potential and seamlessly adapts to the evolving job landscape.
Join us in this journey of skill enhancement and workforce empowerment!