Exceeding Expectations: Unveiling the Future of Vocational Excellence – EXCEED project officially Kicked off

🚀 Exceed Project kicked off on the 9th and 10th of November 2023.

The event was hosted at the University of Ferrara and was a convergence of minds committed to contributing innovation in eco-digital advanced manufacturing and excellence in Vocational Education.

Opening insights:

The morning session set a vibrant tone for the day, beginning with a warm welcome to participants from Prof. Massimiliano Mazzanti, Director of the Department of Economy and Management at the University of Ferrara.
Anna Barbieri from the European Commission shared with the EXCEED partners a vision regarding the role of Centres of Vocational Excellence in the EU strategies.
Institutional greetings from Francesca Bergamini of the Emilia Romagna Region and Chiara Pancaldi, director of Centoform highlighted the relevance of the EXCEED project and its expected impacts in agreement with the regional development’s priorities.
The morning concluded with an enlightening presentation by Mariaelena Romanini, outlining the main goals and milestones of the Exceed Project. It was a powerful prelude to what lay ahead.

Workshops’ session: exploring possibilities of co-design

A special highlight was the workshop under WP2 – “Co-Creating Smart Skills Ecosystems in AM” facilitated by the University of Oulu, and Cluster Innovate, aimed at creating the basis for the development of an International Observatory on green and digital transition in Advanced Manufacturing.
The WP3 workshop on Joint Design for Responsive VET Curricula in AM, led by Claudio Dondi, Matilde Valcavi, Rossella Brindani from CIS was held on the second day, aiming ad defining and describing the prior target groups of the project (EQF 4 and 5 students, low-skilled adults) across the different countries, to co-design new AM curricula tailored to their needs and update existing ones.
A very engaging discussion was focused on the EXCEED Social Impact Assessment Methodology, led by Fabiola Bertolotti from UNIMORE as part of Work Package 1 – Coordination. This session provided a comprehensive insight into the methodological framework designed to evaluate the social impact of the project in the short, medium and long-term.

Looking Forward:

The Exceed Project Meeting was a milestone in the overall cooperation of the partnership and a catalyst for “co-shaped innovation”.
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